Azzali Elettronica is a company born in 1986 specialized in Machine Vision. For more tha 15 years we have been the ideal solution for any company who wants to develop new Vision System and/or Industrial ID readers (Barcodes, Datamatrix and Qr Codes).

Thanks to our past of Industrial Automation we were able to build a wide know how in the main Industrial sector which is now fundamental to develop many solution of Machine Vision or ID reading.

Our goal is to help our customers to learn the machine vision systems of Cognex and to develop with them new solutions for their needs. We also offer a great after sales service, knowing that Machine Vision Systems are not just a simple component, but in many case they represent a fundamental one.

“We do not sales Machine Vision products, we offer solutions of Machine Vision in the Automation Industry”.

Our following core business comes directly from our past as Automation company, today we are European leader in the supply of Alcohol Dispenser on Bakery Industry. Our system add a precise quantity of potable alcohol on food products before their packaging ensuring the conservations for the customers.



Humble beginnings

Azzali Elettronica srl was founded in 1986 by Giorgio Azzali (ex manager of the technical office of Barilla), who was able to rapidly bring together
a team of highly professional technicians. Our ongoing research in new areas presents opportunities to gain experience and expertise, keeping in step with the technological changes imposed by the market.

Alcohol Dispenser Develop

Thanks to a big partnership with one of the most famous brand of our territory, which operates in Food Industry we were able to develop our famous Alcohol Dispenser for Bakery Industry

Cognex Partnership

2006 is a very special year for Azzali Elettronica. After 20 years from our founding, we developed what in the following years has proven to be your most succesful partnership ever. Cognex brand is specialized in the Industrial Vision sector, combined with our previous know how in Industrial Automation has took us to a natural development of our core business in Industrial Vision.


Today Azzali Elettronica counts a great team of 10 member. Thanks to our little dimension we are able to respond and to follow as much as possible the clients request. Thanks to out know how we are the best partner and suppliers for any reality that is thinking to discover the possibility of Industrial Vision, or innovates older ones.

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