Our background allows us to develop at best your applications of Industrial Vision.


Cognex advanced machine vision & industrial barcode reader systems deliver instant improvements to any manufacturing process, enabling products to be made at higher speed, without defects and at lower cost.

ALCOHOL dosing system

Alcohol dosing systems for food product before packaging.

Featured Products

DataMan 470 Series

DataMan 470 series fixed-mount barcode readers solve complex, high-throughput...

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In-Sight Laser Profiler 2D

The In-Sight laser profiler is a measurement system used to verify...

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In-Sight 2000 Series

Cognex In-Sight 2000 vision sensors combine the power of In-Sight vision...

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In-Sight 7000 G2 Series

The In-Sight 7000 series is a full-featured, powerful vision system that...

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In-Sight 8000 Series

The In-Sight 8000 series smart cameras are the next generation of In-Sight...

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Dataman 150/260 Series

For 1-D linear barcodes, higher-density 2-D matrix codes, or direct part mark...

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Cognex Industrial Vision

Alcohol Dispenser applications

Discover our ALCOHOL DOSING for food