Azzali Elettronica is happy to announce a new collaboration with FLIR company.

FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) is an American company established in 1978 specialized in developing, production and distributing of thermal images cameras for military employment. In the following years, thanks to the acquisition of the Sweden company Agema and the American company Inframetrix, FLIR started to distribute its product also for the civilian use.

Today’s FLIR is a global leader in infrared technologies, with many business all related to thermal cameras.

Why Azzali Elettronica decided to integrate FLIR’s product in its portfolio?

FLIR thermal cameras

FLIR thermal cameras are able to measure infrared variations of any object, and thanks to this its temperature.

The ability of knowing the temperature of an object could represent a very solid solution for many product/process inspections, that could not be implemented with traditional machine vision.

Let’s think about an inspection for correct welding on food trays. With a traditional machine vision system it could be very difficult to find bad welding spots or even open ones. This because both materials are transparent and with traditional vision we simply could not notice any difference.

Thanks to FLIR thermal cameras it is way more simple to check the correct welding. Thanks to the difference of temperature after the film application, we are able to inspect if the welding is complete or not and so a correct and safe closure.

How FLIR cameras does work?

As we sed before, FLIR thermal camera are able to measure the temperature of any object. Almost everything around us emit continuously infrared radiation, but as humans, we are not able to perceive it.

In fact, infrared spectrum is very different to everyday light. The sensor of FLIR thermal cameras are responsive to infrared variations and thanks to this capability we are able to calculate temperature of any object/surface. This allow us to “see” where normally we would not be able to, and enlarge the number of possible inspection.


In conclusion, adding FLIR camera to Azzali’s product portfolio gives us one more solution for our clients. Working everyday with machine vision applications we know the limit of traditional systems and we always seek better ways to satisfy our clients.

Stay tuned we will surprise you!


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