The Industrial Alcohol Dispenser for food products by Azzali Elettronica employes a well tested “falling dosage” system. In this article we would like to focus on the types of alchol dosage systems for bakery products offered by the market, theirpro and cons and explain why we developed our system.

Through the years we had the possibility of study different systems according to the client’s needs. After 150 systems successfully installed we came to the conclusion that the highest quality and safety standards are achieved only with the“falling dosage” system.


Before getting closer to this type of system, let’s take a look on the market supply of dosage systems: “nebulized dosage” or“lance dosage”.

The first type needs high work pressure that ensures the nebulization of the alcohol on the products just before its packaging. There are several problems with this system. Firs of all we are not sure what is the effective quantity of alcohol applied on products. Secondly because of alcohol is an extremely flying substance,  it may cause many safety problems (see the connected article on ethanol properties).

The second type of doage systems it is called “lance dosage” . This systems requires an installation of a small tapered lanceinside the tube of packaging. Also in this case we have some critical aspects. In order to avoid over-dosage we need to be sure that the lance does not drip on products. Secondly, because of the length of the lance and with the high work pressure  we have no control on the quantity of alcohol stored inside it. Third, if the plastic film use for packaging,  touches the lance(and so the alcool) it is not possible to ensure an hermetic welding of the packaging, so long lasting conservation.


The dosage system studied by Azzali Elettronica employes the natural principle of the gravity. In other words the technologists choose the exact quantity of alcohol needed by products and literally we let it fall on. This operation ensures the highest quality and precision stardards, in fact our system has a score of 99,99% in the dry residue test, which means that all the quantity of alcohol that we decide to dose is found on the product. Our System has many advantages, like:

               Safety, because of the low pressure of work

               Precision, which is equal to optimization in the alcohol emplyement.

               High speed of production.

Thanks to the low pression employed (0,3bar) we can release a certification of compliance to the Atex international standard.

A precise system can be set on the exact quantity defined by the technologist, thank to this we are sure to optimize the quantity of alcohol with a real cost effective benefit to the organization (see the dedicated article).

The falling dosage system is very flexible and can reach the highest production speed of the market, which are around 500 hit/minute for a Flowpack.


All this benefits led us in the implementation of the falling dosage system in our Alcohol Dispenser which now represent the hightest standard of performance on the market.


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