New Collaboration Azzali Elettronica- FLIR

Azzali Elettronica is happy to announce a new collaboration with FLIR company.

FLIR (Forward-Looking Infrared) is an American company established in 1978 specialized in developing, production and distributing of thermal images cameras for military employment. In the following years, thanks to the acquisition of the Sweden company Agema and the American company Inframetrix, FLIR started to distribute its product also for the civilian use.

Today’s FLIR is a global leader in infrared technologies, with many business all related to thermal cameras.

Why Azzali Elettronica decided to integrate FLIR’s product in its portfolio?

FLIR thermal cameras

FLIR thermal cameras are able to measure infrared variations of any object, and thanks to this its temperature.

The ability of knowing the temperature of an object could represent a very solid solution for many product/process inspections, that could not be implemented with traditional machine vision.

Let’s think about an inspection for correct welding on food trays. With a traditional machine vision system it could be very difficult to find bad welding spots or even open ones. This because both materials are transparent and with traditional vision we simply could not notice any difference.

Thanks to FLIR thermal cameras it is way more simple to check the correct welding. Thanks to the difference of temperature after the film application, we are able to inspect if the welding is complete or not and so a correct and safe closure.

How FLIR cameras does work?

As we sed before, FLIR thermal camera are able to measure the temperature of any object. Almost everything around us emit continuously infrared radiation, but as humans, we are not able to perceive it.

In fact, infrared spectrum is very different to everyday light. The sensor of FLIR thermal cameras are responsive to infrared variations and thanks to this capability we are able to calculate temperature of any object/surface. This allow us to “see” where normally we would not be able to, and enlarge the number of possible inspection.


In conclusion, adding FLIR camera to Azzali’s product portfolio gives us one more solution for our clients. Working everyday with machine vision applications we know the limit of traditional systems and we always seek better ways to satisfy our clients.

Stay tuned we will surprise you!


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The Alcohol Dispenser of Azzali Elettronica is a precise reliable, and fast system. In this article we want to focus on its characteristics that guarantees this benefits and the reasons why some application are developed with the “time system” and others with the “massic flow meter system”.


We built over 140 Alcohol Dispenser  and faced many different applications and different types of products, from the sliced bread to the cake snacks and to the big pizzas or famous Italian “panettone”. Each one must receive a specific quantity of alcohol connected to it’s weight in order to be compliance with the regulations (in EU under 3% of the weight).

Finding a solution that could fit all applications and products was the challenge that lead us to develop this two different systems. Managing big quantity of alcohol and long dosage time is very different from small quantities and short dosage time, especially if you have to guarantee the precision in both situations.


This system is the most flexible one and it can be employed in a long range of application. Thanks to the precision of our software we are able to determinate the quantity that has to be dosed on products in the timeframe in which they are under our nozzles with a maximum error from 4% to 7% of defined quantity.

This system is very reliable and we use to recommend it in the applications with little quantity of alcohol and a high numbers of machine pitch per minute (we can reach the 500 hits/min). With this system we can cover all the market range in terms of precision and speed, actually there are not flowpack machines that can speed up till 500 hits/minute for the type of products where alcohol is employed for their conservation.


Even thought the great performances of the “time system”, we decided to develop a system even better. Thanks to the adding of the massic flow meter we are able to increment the precision range, offering the most  accurate system on the market. We can guarantee a maximum error of 1,5% of defined quantity.

The range of applications that can be developed with this system goes from to 4-7 grams of alcohol per product and a maximum of 70 hits/machine per minute.


L’esperienza ci ha permesso di sviluppare questi sistemi per garantire la massima precisione e soddisfare le differenti esigenze del mercato. Proprio per questo motivo durante lo studio dell’applicazione vengono richiesti al cliente dati come: velocità della macchina, il passo macchina, la lunghezza dei prodotti e la quantità di alcool per prodotto.

Grazie ai dati descritti sopra e l’indice di precisione che vuole il cliente siamo in grado di suggerire quale  sia il sistema più opportuno per assicurare che il giusto quantitativo di alcool raggiunga tutti i prodotti.


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The Industrial Alcohol Dispenser for food products by Azzali Elettronica employes a well tested “falling dosage” system. In this article we would like to focus on the types of alchol dosage systems for bakery products offered by the market, theirpro and cons and explain why we developed our system.

Through the years we had the possibility of study different systems according to the client’s needs. After 150 systems successfully installed we came to the conclusion that the highest quality and safety standards are achieved only with the“falling dosage” system.


Before getting closer to this type of system, let’s take a look on the market supply of dosage systems: “nebulized dosage” or“lance dosage”.

The first type needs high work pressure that ensures the nebulization of the alcohol on the products just before its packaging. There are several problems with this system. Firs of all we are not sure what is the effective quantity of alcohol applied on products. Secondly because of alcohol is an extremely flying substance,  it may cause many safety problems (see the connected article on ethanol properties).

The second type of doage systems it is called “lance dosage” . This systems requires an installation of a small tapered lanceinside the tube of packaging. Also in this case we have some critical aspects. In order to avoid over-dosage we need to be sure that the lance does not drip on products. Secondly, because of the length of the lance and with the high work pressure  we have no control on the quantity of alcohol stored inside it. Third, if the plastic film use for packaging,  touches the lance(and so the alcool) it is not possible to ensure an hermetic welding of the packaging, so long lasting conservation.


The dosage system studied by Azzali Elettronica employes the natural principle of the gravity. In other words the technologists choose the exact quantity of alcohol needed by products and literally we let it fall on. This operation ensures the highest quality and precision stardards, in fact our system has a score of 99,99% in the dry residue test, which means that all the quantity of alcohol that we decide to dose is found on the product. Our System has many advantages, like:

               Safety, because of the low pressure of work

               Precision, which is equal to optimization in the alcohol emplyement.

               High speed of production.

Thanks to the low pression employed (0,3bar) we can release a certification of compliance to the Atex international standard.

A precise system can be set on the exact quantity defined by the technologist, thank to this we are sure to optimize the quantity of alcohol with a real cost effective benefit to the organization (see the dedicated article).

The falling dosage system is very flexible and can reach the highest production speed of the market, which are around 500 hit/minute for a Flowpack.


All this benefits led us in the implementation of the falling dosage system in our Alcohol Dispenser which now represent the hightest standard of performance on the market.


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Alcohol Dispenser Benefits for food packaging

What are the advantages of a optimized system for alcohol dosage on your food packaging lines, especially bakery industry? What are the key factors of success of Azzali Elettronica’s Alcohol Dispenser and why it is choosen by the main player of the market?

Precision, Speed and Reliability. Those characteristics are the key of the success of Azzali’s Alcohol Dispenser.

  • Precision: we can offer different configuration in order to ensure the integrability with packaging lines which are already in use: “time configuration” or “mass flow meter configuration”.
  • Reliability: we have a structured and tested software which is able to grant different type of alarms and to avoid non conformity products problems.
  • Speed: Our Alcohol dispenser can reach the highest speed of the fastest lines of food packaging on the market: we can ensure the dosage with a speed of 500 hit/minute.





During the production process is fundamental to optimize the alcohol employment. Reaching this goal can ensures to the producer many direct and undirect advantages in its lines. Direct advantages are mainly connected to cost savings and time savings, while undirect advantages can be referred to a general increase in the quality of production lines which is connected to the products too.

Let’s analyse in detail what are the direct advantages of our Alcohol Dispenser:

Precision Dosage: As Azzali Elettronica we can ensure that each product who passes under our Alcohol dispenser will receive the right quantity of alcohol defined by the technologist of the producer.

Time Saving: line operators waist a lot of time in the setting and maintenance of the systems. Once our Alcohol Dispenser is installed and tested by our technicians is almost autonomous. Even the series with the tank can be filled up without stopping the production line.

Optimize alcohol employment: know the right quantity of each dosage is very important to optimize the alcohol and avoid its waist.


The above table shows the medium quantity of alcohol employed by a producer and the saved quantity of it in a day/week/year of work.

If we estimate a packaging line with 70 hit/minute which has a overdosage of n°1 gr per products in 8 hours of production per day, at the end of the year we will notice a difference in the alcohol consumption of 6.200 Liters of Alcohol.

Most of the producer have higher speed and longer production shifts so this is a conservative estimate, most of the time the real quantity saved of alcohol is higher.



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Bakery Products Preservation: Potable Alcohol

For Bakery Products  preservation one of the most used  process is to add a little quantity of potable alcohol on products before its packaging. Why ? Let’s try to explain why we would use alcohol to preserve the quality of our daily products. 

Far from common believes, potable alcohol or ethanol is a natural liquid substance that is employed In many fields in touch with people even in the food industry. 

From the outside ethanol is characterize by a typical aroma and its clear liquid. It is also volatile and highly flammable, because of this it very important to take many precautions when it is used.

In the following list we can find some of the most important proprieties of ethanol:

Great Solvent





Potable alcohol is made by natural fermentation of sugars, so it is completely natural. Together with sugar, salt, oil and vinegard; ethanol is classified in the natural’s preservative substances.

Thanks to its natural antifungal properties ethanol is very efficient in the food preservation.  Especially in Baker industry it is employed with non dried products like bread, buns, snaks exct.

The high quantity of humidity inside of the packaging is the ideal climate for the develop of mold and mildew. The only way to ensure their conservation of a good quality product till the consumer is to add a precise quantity of potable alcohol.


The main producer of bread and similar products apply this process day by day in their production lines, but how can we be sure that the quantity of alcohol inside the packaging it is not harmful for humans?

Many legislations regulates the use of potable alcohol, especially in the food industries. Generally in the Bakery market the max quantity allowed is 2% of product’s weight and on it must be reported on the labelling.

HERE you can find the EU regulation on food safety: 

Thanks to those regulations the products preserved with potable alcohol are totally safe. Moreover using this natural substance prevents from the employ of chemical preservatives which were largely diffused in the past years.


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Youtube Azzali Elettronica: New Dedicated Channel

Azzali Elettronica Srl presents its new Youtube Channel.

Inside you will find our videos related to our best applications of Cognex Industrial Vision and  Alcohol Dispenser for Baker Industry.

All the materials are real applications studied personally by our technicians. The purpose is to show how the system really works, both for Industrial Vision and Alcohol Dispenser. 

We decided to open this channel to show our best applications, our goal is to offer a good communication and share some of our know how on our main businesses: Cognex Industrial Vision and Alcohol Dispenser. Inside you will find two dedicated channel:


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Alcohol Dispenser for Food Products

The Alcohol Dispenser is a very precise system, made for Bakery Industry in order to ensure that the exact quantity of potable alcohol will reach every single product before packaging.

The addition of a specific quantity of potable alcohol, determined by technologists and quality managers, ensures the products conservation without the  addition of other chemical substances or the risk of mold developing and other unpleasant deteriorations.

At the moment, this procedure which is strictly regulated by international’s law of quality, it is the only one that allow us to maintain the characteristics of products of  Bakery industry like bread, buns, snacks, croissant, pizzas and so on.

Being able to control the exact quantity alcohol applied on products is fundamental to avoid problems like mould and other unpleasant non-conformity reports. This is the only system available on the markets which monitors the quantity through production, in order to meet the standard of quality pursued by the producer.

For over 20 year we have implemented our systems on Flowpack lines, ensuring the dosage on many products, from small to big format. Our range is the bigger offered by the market, in fact we can manage little dosage like 0,1 till 20 grams for single product.

The precision is granted also on high speed lines, our max is 500 products/min.

Thanks to our know-how we are able to install our Dispenser on all the food packaging machines on the market. Moreover we can offer also customize solutions in order to meet any customer’s request. 


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I sensori di visione In-Sight® 2000 uniscono tutta la potenza di un sistema In-Sight alla semplicità e convenienza di un normale sensore di visione. Ideali per applicazioni di rilevamento degli errori, questi sensori di visione definiscono nuovi standard per convenienza, semplicità d’uso e flessibilità, grazie alla straordinaria combinazione di collaudati strumenti di visione In-Sight, semplicità di configurazione, design modulare, illuminazione e ottica intercambiabili.

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