Universal Robots: E-Series

the new market standard in terms of safety, sensitivity, interface, and user experience


The “E-Series of Universal Robots represents from 2018 the new market standard in terms of safety, sensitivity, interface, and user experience developed by the Danish Brand. Thanks to the new “E” platform it’s now possible to develop a more complete, precise, and performant range of applications. This is fundamental to meet all the targets of productivity and safety.





One important characteristic of the E-Series is the “real” payload. The one declared on UR datasheet it is fully employable, but we can’t say the same about other brands. Keep in mind this during the study of your Cobot application!

In the new E-Series, there are more than 17 safety functions that limit the “risk factor” of every single application. Some of them are easily configurable with our software, like: time and distances for preventive stops, limits to the Robot positioning, the orientation of the robot end of arm tooling end the “home” positioning.

All the characteristics described above represent the most flexible solution for Cobot automation. If we add to this the global support, provided by the UR distribution net, our solution can grant the best result for the client.




Universal Robots: E-Series


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