Manufacturers can speed production, minimize defects and reduce costs with machine vision technologies


Machine Vision System are smart camera specifically projected for the Industry environment.

This system are able to analyze and inspect images with more precision than human eye. Thank to this we can built many automatic inspection and process controls.

Software, imaging sensors, lenses and lighting are the components that drives the success of the vision system.

For more than 15 years Azzali Elettronica Srl develops in partnership with Cognex application of Machine Vision in any section of Industrial Automation.





As Cognex we have more than 40 years of know how in Machine Vision. From 1981 we made the best hardware and software of the market. The range of products of Cognex is divided in three main sections: In-Sight Sensor for the easiest applications, In-Sight 2D Systems for the harder one, In-Sight 3D System for the application who require 3 dimension of inspection.

Industrial Sectors like Electromechanical, Packaging, Logistic and Robotics are developing more and more great applications thanks to Machine Vision.

The main advantages of this technology are: best quality of products, increase of production, decrease of downtime of lines and general inspections of line.

In conclusion Machine Vision is able to increase production process reducing the errors and so the their cost.




Machine Vision

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