FLIR Fixed Thermal Cameras

Fixed Thermal cameras for temperature inspection


FLIR thermographic cameras proposed by Azzali Elettronica can satisfy all needs of OEM, system integrators and final customers. The addition of a thermal camera for continuous inspection will prevent your company from potentially dangerous situations. H24 continuous monitoring could be the key to avoid costly production line failure and/or stops. Thanks to FLIR continuous inspection you will be able to prevent maintenance, scheduling precise operations to ensures better quality. This are just some advantages related to our thermographic sensors. As FLIR says:
"There is no limit to the thermographic application except for the imagination of the users".




Each series of FLIR camera is different in the parameters of accuracy, sensibility, and resolution. Those concepts are very important for choosing the right camera.


Our resolution range goes form 4’800 pixels to 327’000 pixels. All our thermographic cameras ensures high performance of sensibility. In fact, our products are able to detect a difference of 5mK. In other words, the sensibility of our thermographic camera is 0,005° per pixel. This enables us to see even the lowest variation in temperature between a pixel of our image and the other one.


Another big difference is the employment of the camera, some series are made to be employed for outside monitoring (like A310F, 315F). Thanks to IP66 those series can keep monitoring open plants or sites. Other series can be connected with professional machine vision software, like Cognex Vision Pro, enabling us to create high-performance inspection.





FLIR Fixed Thermal Cameras

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