The Alcohol Dispenser is a very precise system, made for Bakery Industry in order to ensure that the exact quantity of potable alcohol will reach every single product before packaging.

The addition of a specific quantity of potable alcohol, determined by technologists and quality managers, ensures the products conservation without the  addition of other chemical substances or the risk of mold developing and other unpleasant deteriorations.

At the moment, this procedure which is strictly regulated by international’s law of quality, it is the only one that allow us to maintain the characteristics of products of  Bakery industry like bread, buns, snacks, croissant, pizzas and so on.

Being able to control the exact quantity alcohol applied on products is fundamental to avoid problems like mould and other unpleasant non-conformity reports. This is the only system available on the markets which monitors the quantity through production, in order to meet the standard of quality pursued by the producer.

For over 20 year we have implemented our systems on Flowpack lines, ensuring the dosage on many products, from small to big format. Our range is the bigger offered by the market, in fact we can manage little dosage like 0,1 till 20 grams for single product.

The precision is granted also on high speed lines, our max is 500 products/min.

Thanks to our know-how we are able to install our Dispenser on all the food packaging machines on the market. Moreover we can offer also customize solutions in order to meet any customer’s request. 


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