What are the advantages of a optimized system for alcohol dosage on your food packaging lines, especially bakery industry? What are the key factors of success of Azzali Elettronica’s Alcohol Dispenser and why it is choosen by the main player of the market?

Precision, Speed and Reliability. Those characteristics are the key of the success of Azzali’s Alcohol Dispenser.

  • Precision: we can offer different configuration in order to ensure the integrability with packaging lines which are already in use: “time configuration” or “mass flow meter configuration”.
  • Reliability: we have a structured and tested software which is able to grant different type of alarms and to avoid non conformity products problems.
  • Speed: Our Alcohol dispenser can reach the highest speed of the fastest lines of food packaging on the market: we can ensure the dosage with a speed of 500 hit/minute.





During the production process is fundamental to optimize the alcohol employment. Reaching this goal can ensures to the producer many direct and undirect advantages in its lines. Direct advantages are mainly connected to cost savings and time savings, while undirect advantages can be referred to a general increase in the quality of production lines which is connected to the products too.

Let’s analyse in detail what are the direct advantages of our Alcohol Dispenser:

Precision Dosage: As Azzali Elettronica we can ensure that each product who passes under our Alcohol dispenser will receive the right quantity of alcohol defined by the technologist of the producer.

Time Saving: line operators waist a lot of time in the setting and maintenance of the systems. Once our Alcohol Dispenser is installed and tested by our technicians is almost autonomous. Even the series with the tank can be filled up without stopping the production line.

Optimize alcohol employment: know the right quantity of each dosage is very important to optimize the alcohol and avoid its waist.


The above table shows the medium quantity of alcohol employed by a producer and the saved quantity of it in a day/week/year of work.

If we estimate a packaging line with 70 hit/minute which has a overdosage of n°1 gr per products in 8 hours of production per day, at the end of the year we will notice a difference in the alcohol consumption of 6.200 Liters of Alcohol.

Most of the producer have higher speed and longer production shifts so this is a conservative estimate, most of the time the real quantity saved of alcohol is higher.



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